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What we offer: Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is a Chinese kung fu system that has been developed trough different martial artists over 400 years. It has been told that Wing Tsun was orinially developed by Ng Mui, a former nun of a shaolin temple. Wing Tsun is designed in such a way that it is very practical, direct and efficient. It helps the smaller, weaker person to defeat a bigger and stronger person, using simplified movements and attacking the opponent aggressively on short distance, using the most direct line of attack. This makes Wing Tsun very effective in street fighting - self defence situations.


Si-Fu Chris Collins

Chris Collins is the founder and owner of the Hong Kong Wing Tsun Association (HKWTA) and ChriscollingActionPlus (CCA Plus). He is a former U.S. Marine with both American and Chinese roots. After his military service he moved to Hong Kong to devote his life to develop himself further as a martial artist and fighter. Training under Leung Ting and especially under Cheng Chuen Fun, he eventually was declared Si-Fu himself and opened the HKWTA Headquarters in Hong Kong. Si-Fu Chris is also skilled in Western boxing, Pekiti Tirsia Kali (PTK) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) under professor Clark Gracie. Next to martial arts he is an actor, and action director. Si-Fu Chris approaches martial arts as a fighter, with a solid foundation as a life long athlete and professional soldier. Under the HKWTA, the practice and application of martial arts are primarily viewed within the context of practical applicability in situations where survival is required. Si-Fu Chris has a passion for teaching and is devoted to help his students become effective and complete warriors that can handle themselves in the various situations that may occur within the realm of fighting, with and without weapons and both standing as on the ground. Si-Fu Chris teaches his systems in its entirety, without watered down versions or ego driven concepts.


Our Commitment

What We Stand For

Since we encountered the Hong Kong Wing Tsun Association (HKWTA) and Si-Fu Chris Collins, we further focused on our development in Wing Tsun by following his methods. In various ways this meant that we had to 'start over' and get accustomed to a new, but far more effective and realistic approach of Wing Tsun. Wing Tsun became something different then we ever thought it was or could be, learning in previous schools and organisations. 
Si-Fu Chris teaches every year in seminars in the various HKWTA-departments around the world in countries like Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, Italy, Réunion Island, Canada, Algeria, Tunisia and the Netherlands. Between the HKWTA-departments there are also various meetings every year to train together. We take pride in training and teaching in a friendly environment where friendship, true dedication and honest, hard work are central priorities trough which we see all students develop themselves in various positive ways.
Trough private teachings and seminars from our Si-Fu and prominent Si-Fu's within the HKWTA we keep our skill level growing and up to date. We make sure we teach Wing Tsun the HKWTA-way, exactly as we have been taught. Trough our kung fu, we want to help others to become as effective as possible in their own self defence. We hope to contribute to the personal safety, physical and mental health, balance and overall development of anyone that is willing to explore his/her mental and physical boundaries and is interested in learning how to effectively defend themselves.



The first participants of HKWTA Amsterdam have been training Wing Tsun together for more than a decade. The HKWTA Amsterdam aims to create a friendly environment, based on friendship, respect, equality and honest, hard work. It is our goal to get the best out of all people who are willing to learn HKWTA Wing Tsun, push their limits and explore their boundaries. We train in the east of Amsterdam. Just send an email to HKWTAA@gmail.com to get in touch and make an appointment for a free trail lesson.

Haikel Jamel Oulad Khlaf

Haikel has expertise in a variety of martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai/Kick boxing, FMA). He has been practicing Wing Tsun since 2007. Si-Hing Haikel also started HKWTA Tunisia and HKWTA Algeria.

Tjitte Postma

Tjitte has a background in Karate. He has been practicing Wing Tsun since the beginning of 2008. Tjitte also trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Team United Fighters.

Yves Abdoellah

Yves started his martial arts journey in Judo and Pencak Silat in his childhood. Later, he was primarily focused on Thai Boxing for an extensive period of his adolescence into adulthood. Afterwards he transformed into practicing Wing Tsun in combination with fitness and kickboxing.

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